Keymou 1.2.8 released with Dark Mode support

How long had it been since we last updated Keymou before yesterday’s 1.2.7 release? So long that in the interim, Dark Mode had become a thing, and we forgot to flip the switch to enable Dark Mode support. So say hello to Keymou 1.2.8, where the only change is that it now works properly in Dark Mode.

As usual, direct customers can update from within the app (or by downloading a fresh copy). App Store customers can find the update in the App Store app.

2 Responses to “Keymou 1.2.8 released with Dark Mode support”

  1. bruce says:

    I can find no instructions for Keymou at all. It’s Greek to me. Is there a place to go for help?

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      There’s a full in-app help—select the Keymou item in the Keymou menu item, then select Help.