Usher 2 is now available

Usher 2.0 is out, and available now for both new customers and those upgrading from previous versions. The normal price is $20 for a new user and $10 for an update, but for the next two weeks, new users pay just $14, and updates are only $6.

Either type of purchase includes at least a year of updates; after that, it will cost $10 to update to the most-current version at any point in the future—and that purchase will also include another year of updates. More details on our evolutionary update model are provided in this blog post.

What’s new in Usher 2? Way too much to even try to list here; a read-through of its release notes shows just how much we’ve added, improved, and fixed in this release. We spent a lot of time and effort improving scrolling speed when browsing large collections, and have added many new view modes to help you browse your collection. But really, those are the tip of a very large iceberg of new features and improvements.

If you’ve never used Usher, download the trial version today and test it out for a full month to see everything that it can do.

2 Responses to “Usher 2 is now available”

  1. Charlie says:

    Will you be adding this to the App Store for purchase?

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      We’re not even sure it’s possible to add it to the App Store, given the sandboxing rules (it may affect our ability to use satellite libraries, for instance). It would take a fair bit of work to investigate that, and then a lot more work to make any required changes to match the rules … \all for a product that doesn’t have wide appeal to begin with. Given all that, we have no plans at this time for an App Store version.