yFlicks 3.2(.1)

If you’re like us, you have some of your movies on your computer’s boot drive, while others are located on an external mass storage device. Up to now, that was a problem, because there wasn’t an elegant way to organize all those movies in one library while keeping the benefits of having yFlicks organize your movie files automatically.

yFlicks 3.2 introduces supplementary library folders that help you distribute your movies across several volumes while still having them organized automatically. And it hides those movies that are currently not available as soon as you unmount your external volumes. Re-mount them, and yFlicks shows all those movies again.

Apart from the usual maintenance stuff (fixed downloading from YouTube and others), there are a lot more improvements in this version, and most of them can be classified as user interface enhancements. Have a look at this list for the details.

Update: The original yFlicks 3.2 had an issue with Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger”, which we’ve just fixed. So if you were experiencing a problem with starting yFlicks under Tiger, please download again and accept our sincere apologies for having overlooked this one.

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