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How can I left-align your apps' toolbar icons in macOS Big Sur?
Last Updated 3 years ago

In macOS Big Sur, Apple has decided that icons in the toolbar in an app's preferences should be centered, as seen in here in Moom:

Moom centered pref

If you don't like this style, and would rather have things left-aligned, here's what you need to do.

First, open the app's preferences and right-click in the toolbar area; select Customize Toolbar… from the pop-up menu. That will create a drop-down sheet and some dancing icons in the toolbar.

You'll also see two boxed empty areas on each end of the toolbar. Drag the leftmost empty box out of the toolbar, like this:

Modifying Moom's prefs

When you drag the empty box (it's a flexible space) out of the toolbar, you'll see all the icons move to the left. Click Done, and Moom's prefs will now be left-aligned:

Moom left-side pref

If you ever decide you want the centered toolbar icons back, repeat this process, but drag the default set (found at the bottom of the drop-down panel) up into the toolbar area.

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