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A look at our 2010 product release timeline

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Many users have been asking me about our plans for products we haven’t yet updated, namely Witch, yFlicks, and Butler. In response, I offer this generic timeline of our plans for the rest of 2010:

Please note that this is a rough timeline, and subject to change based on our workload, customer demand, the phase of the moon, and the price of soybean futures on the daily spot market. However, it should provide a bit more detail on what our priorities are, and the approximate timeframe in which we hope to ship each of our apps. (It doesn’t show minor releases, which may include bug fixes and/or new features; those will be ongoing for each product.)

Read on for a bit more detail on each of the products in the timeline.

Announcing Paddock for iPad

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Announced today, Paddock is Many Tricks’ newest product, and it’s headed for the iPad in the near future. What exactly is Paddock, you may be asking? Paddock is a program that lets you use your iPad to do many things at the same time.

Paddock does this by loading separate modules into one workspace. You can then choose to see one module at a time, or work with many at the same time. Confused? Head on over to the Paddock page to watch the preview video to get a better sense for exactly how it works. (If you’d like to see the iPad at a near-native resolution, download the 38MB 1920×1080 version instead.)

What you won’t see in the video is exactly which modules Paddock will include; the video shows only notes and a web browser. We have a nice set of modules under development that we’d like to get out with version 1.0, and a longer list planned for the future.

But we’re also interested in what modules you’d like to see in Paddock. So after watching the video, please feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments. Our 1.0 list is pretty much set, but we’re very interested in hearing what modules you would find most useful in a program like Paddock. (Note that some things, such as a movie player, aren’t possible due to what information Apple allows third parties to access.)