Moom 2.1 released

This Moom update is so chock full of goodness that it could have easily merited a full version increment. But given we just did that, we’ll hold back and just go with a “dot” increment this time.

So what will you get when you install the (free, of course) Moom 2.1 update? A bunch of really nice new features, including:

  • The ability to save and restore window layouts. Have a layout you like a lot? Now you can save it with a simple button tap, and then restore it later via keyboard shortcut or Moom’s menus.
  • Speaking of keyboard shortcuts, you can now create single-key shortcuts that are usable only when the keyboard bezel is onscreen. No more working hard to identify non-used global shortcuts; just type a single character in the shortcut box, and that shortcut will only work after you’ve first brought up Moom’s keyboard bezel. (A yellow background behind the single-key shortcuts helps you identify them at a glance—and they appear in the cheat sheet as well!)
  • You can now use grid-based resizing in keyboard mode; just press the keyboard bezel activation shortcut a second time. (You have to enable it first, though, in the Keyboard section of Moom’s settings.)

There are some nice small touches, too. You can optionally highlight the window to be adjusted (via a user-settable slider in General); grid-based resizing shows a live preview of the window’s size and position on the screen; and you can optionally show the Custom Control menu in the mouse palette without clicking your mouse. Read the Moom release notes page for the full scoop on this release.

We think Moom 2.1 is really a great “minor” update, and the new features—especially the ability to save and restore window layouts—makes this a must-have window management utility.

As always, the update is available via in-app updating for those who bought directly from us, and via the App Store application for those who purchased on the Mac App Store.

5 Responses to “Moom 2.1 released”

  1. Jacob says:


    How about a way to add keyboard shortcuts to move windows between spaces?

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      As of now, Apple doesn’t provide an API that would allow us to do this. We’re trying to find a way to do it such that we can still sell via the App Store, as it is a popular request.


  2. Don Johnson says:

    Moom looks great! Is it possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to hide an app?

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      Moom is designed for moving and/or zooming windows. Hiding windows is either built into the OS (Command-H in most apps), or you can use other utilities (Witch, for one, can hide apps from its window switcher).


  3. Tom says:

    @Don: You can also hide background Apps via Mac OS X’s Application Switcher: Press Command+Tab, then, _while_keeping_Command_pressed_, tab to the app you want to hide and press H. BTW you can also quit Apps this way, just press Q.