Moom wins an Eddy!

Today we learned that Moom has won a 2011 Macworld Editor’s Choice award, better known as an Eddy. Quite frankly, we’re stunned, grateful, and thrilled at earning this award. Moom was our first completely new product as a team after the relaunch of Many Tricks, and to have it be so well received makes us both feel incredibly good.

It also says something for the nature of “indie” development—Moom really started as nothing more than a hunch and a feeling. Peter got busy coding, and a couple days later, we had the beginnings of something that we thought might be useful. We then spent a bunch of time working on the details, including the name, the user interface, and the feature set, to try to turn the hunch into something that we’d both be proud of.

When we shipped Moom 1.0, we were very happy, but not just because it got a great reception from those who tried it. What really made us happy was the amazing quality of the feedback we received from those who used Moom. We got so many amazing ideas from so many users that we were able to release Moom 2 (as a free update for everyone) within three months of the release of Moom 1.0. (And yes, we’ve got a ton of feedback to take into account as we think about Moom 3.0!)

In addition, we received (and continue to receive) words of praise and thanks for what Moom has done for users’ productivity, and we love that—because that’s the real reason we’re in this business: We love helping you all do what you do, regardless of how you use your Macs.

So to all of you who have helped Moom become so incredibly successful, thank you very much. This Eddy award is a direct reflection of your feelings about Moom, and we’re deeply thankful for your support of our efforts.

8 Responses to “Moom wins an Eddy!”

  1. Tom says:


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  3. Michael says:

    I just read this and thought it was a great call by macworld. Such a great little utility.


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  5. Ste says:

    Congratulations! :)

  6. Jeremy Bonney says:

    Congrats guys

  7. Alan says:

    Well deserved

  8. ESB Media says:

    Congrats & Well Deserved! I don’t know what I did before I got Moom… Oh now I do, I spent half the day messing with my windows to get them just right so I could then start to actually work. Now I just click a button and boom – It’s done in seconds.

    Thank you Many Tricks! I couldn’t imagine my Mac without Moom!