Moom 2.3.3 released

Just in time for the holidays (as the developer side of the App Store is closed for a week, starting on the 22nd), Moom 2.3.3 has been released for both App Store and direct customers.

This update fixes a few minor issues (detailed in the release notes) including one often-reported problem: Moom couldn’t properly restore saved Chrome browser windows. Version 2.3.3 works fine with Chrome, at least based on our testing with a few users who reported the problem. (The prior behavior wasn’t due to a bug in Moom, but rather, the unconventional manner in which Chrome windows are created.)

App Store customers can get the update by looking at the Updates tab in the App Store application; direct customers can get it by selecting Check for Updates from the Moom menu.

One Response to “Moom 2.3.3 released”

  1. Gene Genese says:

    My version of Moom won’t work on my mac, please help