Mountain Lion status report (bonus: three app updates)

Now that Mountain Lion (aka OS X 10.8) is officially out, we can officially update the status of our apps.

The short version: They all work.

The slightly longer version: To the extent that we were able to test all features in all apps, they all work in Mountain Lion. But there are just two of us, and thousands of features to test. So please, let us know if you find any issues. You can do so by going to the support page for any app (i.e. Moom’s support page), which list a few ways to report issues.

We also have three app updates today that fix minor issues in Mountain Lion—and resolve some other bugs and add some new features.

Get Leech 2.1.1 (release notes), Usher 1.1.5 (release notes) and Butler 4.1.13 (release notes) via in-app updating.

Note: If you’re an App Store purchaser of Usher, you should migrate (for free) to the direct sales version. Here’s how and why.

3 Responses to “Mountain Lion status report (bonus: three app updates)”

  1. Mailia says:

    Witch doesn’t work that great for me. It only remembers window titles from the active spaces.

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      A quick test here showed that this may be an issue; we’ll see if we can’t get it working again.

      Thanks for the trouble report;

      • Bill Roehl says:

        I can only see windows per spaces in 10.8, the application list does not span all spaces :(

        • Rob Griffiths says:

          Yes, we’re trying to solve this one — Apple removed a couple key APIs Witch relied on for that information.


  2. David Brewster says:

    As for Mailia, Witch doesn’t seem to be working properly for me either. I have, say, different Scrivener windows open in different spaces, but Witch only sees the window in the current space.

  3. Matter says:

    – Still the same problem with double windows when using Totalfinder (for months and months and months now…)

    – New problem: Mail shows up twice

    See the attached pic:

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      As we got tired of waiting for a fix from Total Finder, we managed to work around this issue in a beta release of Witch, about a month ago. Now that we’ve heard back (positively) from testers, we’ll include this fix in 3.9.2, due out shortly.

      You can use the beta yourself, if you wish, in the interim:

      Witch 3.9.2 beta

      Important note: This is the independent version of Witch, so it’s a System Preferences panel, not an application. If you have the indy version now, you’ll need to overwrite it with this test version. If you have the App Store version, just make sure you quit it, then install and use this version.

      As for Mail, I can’t replicate the problem here. Do you always see two entries for Mail? What windows do you typically have open — just the main message viewer?


      • Matter says:

        Hey Rob,

        Thanks for the super quick reply. The beta helped a great deal with the TotalFinder issue, but the Mail window is still duplicate. Only its main window is open (or hidden, it makes no difference).

        New pic:

        • Rob Griffiths says:

          That’s a pic of Preview’s iCloud window?


          • Matter says:

            Damn, posted that to another forum, asking where you’re supposed to open these docs on the iPad when there’s no Preview for iPad (as opposed to Pages or Keynote).

            Here’s the actual pic:

        • Rob Griffiths says:

          I cannot replicate that at all … will have to think/experiment a bit to see if I can do so.


          • Matter says:

            Rob – all clear. No idea what happened, but I just checked my Spaces, and had the same problem there, obviously unrelated to Witch. There were actually two Mail main windows open, ever after several restarts (though with “Reopen windows after logging in” checked). Didn’t even know that was possible, so it never occurred to me to just close on of them (didn’t see there were two because they were perfectly overlaying each other).

            Thanks anyway!

  4. Mailia says:

    TotalFinder worked fine for me in Snow Leopard with 3.9.2 but now that I upgraded to Mountain Lion, I get the TotalFinder windows duplicated.

    But the different spaces issue is a bigger one, since it really messes up workflow with multiple spaces.

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      See above for a Total Finder beta fix, and we’ll look into the Spaces thing.


      • Matter says:

        Can I just say that I’m using Calendar in Fullscreen on Space 2 and Reminders and Notes on Space 3 and that I’m happy these don’t show up in Witch?

  5. Carlo says:

    Moom 3 is amazing and increases my productivity every day. Thank you so much for this great piece of software.

  6. As for @David Brewster and @Mailia, Witch just show windows from an app in the current space, not from a different space.

  7. tgbt says:

    Hi, I used 3.9.2beta on Mountain Lion with Japanese.
    The behaves are good, Japanese strings are shown.
    However, some window titles are not shown when I enter Alt+Tab just after changing configuration.

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      This is (most likely) because some windows are on other Desktops; you need to go to each Desktop and invoke Witch there in order to see the windows listed in the switcher.


  8. Sean says:

    Finding Butler 4.1.13 unresponsive to keystroke/shortcuts under Mountain Lion.