Coming Monday: Something new, something different

The holiday season is in full swing, and come Monday (December 15th), we’ll be joining the festivities. How, exactly? Tune in Monday for the full details!

For now, let’s just say that the “something new” will help you with your resolutions in the new year, and the “something different” will directly affect your wallet this holiday season.

In other words, if you’re thinking of buying something from us soon, you may want to wait until Monday to see what we’ve got to say!

4 Responses to “Coming Monday: Something new, something different”

  1. jwink3101 says:

    Ooh, very excited. Your software is great. I’d be willing to upgrade and pay again if need be (I originally had the app store version).

    Am I allowed to guess? Was there a hint in “help you with your resolutions “

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      There was a hint as to what was new, yes … but if you were able to guess, I would be very surprised :).


  2. muouyiyi says:

    I am waiting…nothing happened till now :D