Name Mangler 3.3.7 released

Name Mangler 3.3.7 is out, and it’s got some bug fixes and one nice neat new feature: Right-click on any entry in the file list area, and you can use a contextual menu to reveal the selected file in Finder. You can read about all the other exciting bug fixes on the official Name Mangler release notes page.

This release also fixes an issue that prevented the App Store version of Name Mangler from working on the Sierra Public Beta (the direct version always worked).

App Store users should be seeing the update shortly, and direct users can update either via the in-app updater, or by downloading a fresh copy from the Name Mangler web page.

One Response to “Name Mangler 3.3.7 released”

  1. shaz00m says:

    I would suggest you add a little more to your documentation to highlight how you can use regex group matches in renaming; currently—I think—it’s only explained in the help for the advanced option but work find in the regular Find and Replace with regex checked.

    While only programmers might be the only ones who want to use it, if you know, even a little, regex you will know it’s almost certainly the easiest route to take, especially with Name Mangler showing what will happen as you work:

    Find and Replace:
    Search field: .*(S03E\d{2}).*
    Query is regex: checked
    Replace with: the_series_you_are_renameing-$1