Menuwhere 2.2.2 released

Menuwhere 2.2.2 is out, with a couple of macOS Sonoma fixes. The first is an easy one to explain: Submenus in Sonoma weren’t respecting custom font sizes specified in Menuwhere’s settings. Now they do.

The second is more complicated to explain, so I’ll just steal the text from the release notes:

Menuwhere can now detect menu item alternates on macOS 14 Sonoma. Please note that this is a workaround for a macOS bug (FB13141185), where we’re forced to take an educated guess regarding which menu items may be alternates. If you’re missing menu items that should be visible by default, consider checking the “Make alternate menu items permanently visible” checkbox in Menuwhere’s settings.

We’ve come up with a workaround for this bug, which we’ll hopefully only need until Apple fixes the bug in macOS.

Our workaround seems to work quite well, but it’s possible it may identify something as an alternate that is not, and vice versa. So as explained above, if you notice missing menu items, try making alternate menu items permanently visible. And if you’re so inclined, let us know which app you saw the issue in so we can take a look.

As usual, you can get the update via the in-app updater, or by downloading a fresh copy of the app (you won’t lose your settings) from the Menuwhere page.

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