Leech and Name Mangler updated

Leech 3.2 and Name Mangler 3.9.1 have been released. Both are relatively minor updates, so if you want to skip their release notes pages, here’s what’s new in each one:

Leech 3.2

  • Added new AppleScript commands: number of downloads, number of failed downloads, pause all, queue all, and cancel all.
  • Rewrote help to match latest macOS appearance and to cover new features added since last help update, including the AppleScript commands above.

Name Mangler 3.9.1

  • The warning dialog that appears when renaming files on a network volume can now be disabled.
  • Fixed a regression where date formatting in Advanced mode ignored a specified minimum number of digits and skipped placeholders under certain circumstances. (Hat tip to Ruben H and others for reporting this one.).

App Store users should see the updates in the App Store app (if not now then very shortly); direct users can update within the app by checking for updates, or by downloading a fresh copy of the app from our server (you won’t lose your settings).

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