Keymo, Time Sink, and Key Codes updated today

Today we released Keymo 1.1 (it’s first-ever update), Time Sink 1.2.1, and Key Codes 1.2. Here’s a quick look at what’s new in each one.

We now support the very-often-requested ability to set custom move distances. Not only can you set custom distances, but Keymo will build a menu of your custom distances, making it easy to reuse them. You can also chain actions together, as you can with Moom. [All Keymo changes]

Time Sink
There are no new features in this Time Sink update; the only changes of note are that Time Sink now ignores floating windows, and we fixed a bug related to application-specific window blacklists. [All Time Sink changes]

Key Codes
Key Codes’ display of key combos that include modifier keys has been improved.

Updates for Keymo and Time Sink can be found via the in-app updater (direct customers), or via the App Store application. Key Codes doesn’t have an in-app updater, so if you downloaded it from us, just download the new version. (App Store customers can update Key Codes via the App Store application.)

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