Moom 3.2.15 sails into Catalina

Moom 3.2.15 is out, and the big news is that it works with the upcoming macOS Catalina’s new green button pop-up menu, which gives access to Sidecar and other things. Using a new preference, you can choose whether you see Moom’s menu or Apple’s menu when you hover over a window’s green button:

As you can see, you can still get to the other menu by holding down the Command key. (When Moom isn’t running, the green button will always show Apple’s Sidecar pop-up menu.)

We’ve also worked around a longstanding macOS bug that causes odd window resizing after using Text to Speech or VoiceOver. There are more changes, of course, fully detailed in Moom’s release notes.

Direct users can update from within the app, or by downloading a fresh copy of the app (you won’t lose your settings) from the Moom product page. App Store buyers should see the update available in the App Store app—if not now, then very shortly.

8 Responses to “Moom 3.2.15 sails into Catalina”

  1. Johannes Choo says:

    > When Moom isn’t running, the green button will always show Apple’s Sidecar pop-up menu.

    Can you look into this behavior? I’ve a copy of Moom manually downloaded but originally purchased from the App Store (using the workaround license). I’ve just upgraded to Catalina (with Moom remaining installed throughout upgrading), but when Moom is not running or deleted, it is the “Press Command while hovering to switch to standard macOS Zoom button menu” behavior I’m left with, regardless of preference set within Moom before exiting.

    • Rob Griffiths says:


      We’ve had one other report of this, and we’re not sure what’s causing it—it shouldn’t be possible, as Moom deletes the setting when you quit. We’ll try to figure it out, but it’s clearly not affecting everyone (including us), which makes it tough to diagnose. In the interim, to fix it, you can try this:

      1) Quit Moom
      2) Open Terminal, in Applications > Utilities
      3) Paste this command, then hit Return: defaults delete -g NSZoomButtonMenuOption
      4) Relaunch Moom

      Play around a bit in Moom, then quit, and see if the button functions normally: Hopefully it does. If it doesn’t, please open a ticket and we’ll figure out what’s going on.



      • Johannes Choo says:

        Hey, that did the job; thanks, and thanks for the prompt reply! In hindsight I suppose I could have copied my user settings over to help diagnose if there was anything fishy before deleting it.

        • Rob Griffiths says:

          If you happen to still be reading this, can you answer a couple questions? Please email the replies, no need to put them in a thread here—use my first name at our domain name as the address. Here’s what we’d like to know…

          Did your Moom crash at some point, by chance? Also, how exactly did you quit Moom? Did you, by chance, shut down the Mac while Moom was running, but wasn’t set as a log-in item, so next time you booted, Moom wasn’t running?


  2. Wally says:

    When I try to use Moom in Catalina (using the Command key) to use half screen, it sizes the targeted window to half in width but to the extreme top and bottom and disables the tool tray at the bottom of the screen and loses the upper menu. It’s as if it went into full screen mode. At that point, I can no longer use the green button to resize. It almost locks up the screen. If I click on the window header it then goes to full screen. It’s not behaving like Moom at all. I have prefs set just as you show above. Any thoughts?

    • Rob Griffiths says:


      That’s not Moom, that’s Apple’s Sidecar functionality—you have the controls set to show Moom’s pop-up *without* the Command key, but you’re holding the Command key down. Just hover like normal, and you’ll see Moom’s pop-up.


  3. Adrian Salceanu says:

    This is great, but can I suggest you show a popup or some sort of message to notify users about this addition? I actually uninstalled Moom as I thought it wasn’t compatible with Catalina. Went back to it after finding this…

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      If Moom is running, it will work as expected in Catalina; the pref just controls whether it shows up by default on hover (which is how it’s shipped), or if holding the Command key down will be needed to see Moom, and Apple’s controls show by default.

      What kind of pop-up are you thinking we could use? If Moom isn’t running, we have no way of putting anything on your screen. And if it is running, it should be working right. Note that there’s a macOS issue that’s unrelated to the Sidecar thing, where Moom’s pop-up doesn’t appear at all—perhaps that’s what you were running into? In that case, this FAQ item offers a few fixes: