MUM’s the word…

…well, it’s actually an acronym, not a word—it’s Minor Update Monday, and here’s what’s on the plate for today’s minor updates. (As usual, you can get the updated version directly from the app, or by downloading the new version from the product page.)

  • Witch 3.5.3 fixes an issue with displaying triggers that had been assigned in the Additional Actions section of the Triggers tab. In prior versions of Witch, the keys were set, but Witch wouldn’t properly show those values on the Triggers tab. Now it does. Also, for those who use Witch with the ‘Releasing all modifier keys activates the selected window’ option unchecked, Witch now properly respects the delay setting, and won’t show its window if you release the activation keys before the delay time is reached.
  • Leech 2.0.5 adds one new feature, a timestamp indicating at what time a file finished downloading.
  • Name Mangler 2.2.2 now allows renaming of aliases, fixes a bug relating to non-ASCII characters in regular expressions and Advanced Mode, allows you to copy-and-paste files, URLs, and paths to the file list area, and allows dragging-and-dropping of URLs and paths to the file list area (file drag-and-drop was already supported).
  • We’ve got some news about Key Codes, our free tool for Mac developers that displays the key code, Unicode value, and modifier key state for any combination of keys that you press. The news? Key Codes is now open source, so you can download the source to see how it works. We haven’t published this under any official open source license, but feel free to use it in any project you wish as you see fit. It’d be nice if we received an acknowledgment, but it’s neither required nor expected. (Key Codes also received a very minor update to version 1.0.4.)
  • Finally, not related to any of our programs, but if you’re reading this entry on our blog (instead of via RSS), you may notice we have a new handwritten blog header, complete with a bird-like interpretation of our company logo. Peter did the work, and I think the end result is terrific—it adds some color and personalizes the blog section of our site just a bit. But why a running bird? As Peter noted in a comment to another post here, “The Running Bird is really just one of the less obvious motifs I saw in our new logo once we were finished with it. That’s one of the things I like about that logo, by the way: With a little bit of imagination, it can be a lot of things—it’s a Many Tricks logo, as it were.”

In bigger-project news, Usher is approaching a public beta release, and Peter and I are starting to work on an entirely new application, one that I think will be useful to anyone who uses more than one Mac at home or work…but more on that project once we have something worth talking about!

5 Responses to “MUM’s the word…”

  1. Tom says:

    Thanks, folks, for the updates. Shows me that you’re busy refining things while I’m using your helpful stuff w/o even thinking about it.

    And re: that bird—I lurve it, “meep meep”.

    Cheers, Tom

  2. TwisterMc says:

    How’s the new Butler doing?

  3. Tom says:

    Hahaha, that’s the question that’s always on my mind when I’m here and that I almost always refrain from asking. For me it’s somewhere between “Oh well, I just hope and believe they’re working on it” and, when going to a concert, not wanting to annoy the dear old band by asking them to play that old 35 year old hit again they’ve had to play umpteen thousand times in the past ;-)

    So I’m always glad if somebody else asks :-D

  4. Rob Griffiths says:

    Butler’s doing fine, but it’s not due out until Decemberish, and we’ve got a lot of other stuff to get done first :).


  5. Peter Maurer says:

    Apps discussing Butler's future

    Seriously though: what Rob said. ;)