Our apps and OS X Lion compatibility

With today’s release of Lion, here’s an update on the status of all our apps in Apple’s latest Mac OS X release. Note that this is based on our testing only, and many of our apps are feature-rich: so if you run into something, please let us know via comments here, a tweet, an email message, or a trouble ticket.

  • Butler: Compatible, though it’s likely we haven’t tested 100% of everything that Butler can do.
  • Desktop Curtain: Compatible, but with some issues if you use Spaces or Mission Control. We’re working to find a solution to those issues.
  • Displaperture: Compatible.
  • Key Codes: Compatible.
  • Keymo: Compatible.
  • Leech: Leech’s browser integration feature only works with Firefox in Lion. We’re investigating getting the other browsers working again, and will post any updates here on our blog.
  • Menu Bar Tint: Compatible.
  • Moom: Compatible, as of latest 2.2 update.
  • Name Mangler: Compatible.
  • Open-With Manager: Not recommended and not tested in Lion.
  • Safari Guardian: Not compatible with Lion. It won’t cause problems if installed, but its features won’t work. (Note: Safari 5.1 in Snow Leopard also breaks Safari Guardian.)
  • Service Scrubber: Not recommended and not tested in Lion.
  • Time Sink: Compatible.
  • Usher: Compatible.
  • Witch: Compatible, as of the 3.7 update.

As noted above, if you find certain features in our apps that don’t work in Lion, please let us know!

30 Responses to “Our apps and OS X Lion compatibility”

  1. Robert Porter says:

    Any hints as to when the new version of Butler will be out?

  2. Adam says:

    Robert took the words out of my mouth. Whatever happened to Butler 5? Maybe a blog update is in order.

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      No hints, no updates–we work on stuff until it’s done, then we release it. Butler 5 is still very much a product, and it will be released when it’s ready. Until then, Butler 4 soldiers on. (As Butler is something both Peter and I use and rely on, you can bet it’s important that it keep working!)


  3. marko says:

    Displaperture doesn’t work fully correct on Lion for me: It only rounds the corners on the space I start it on, the other spaces still have edgy corners. :’-(

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      I just tested again, and it seems to be working fine across Spaces on my 10.7 installation. Can you tell me what settings you’re using in Mission Control (in System Preferences)? I tested with Displaperture set to “all screens” and “primary screens,” just in case that affected it … but it still worked as expected across all Spaces.


  4. Sassy Lou says:

    We just had some Lion installers here at our editing house. They say some apps are not working..and never will because Apple did not do any backward compatibility..even on software that was developed in the past 2 years. WHICH of course…we still use because upgrading Adobe and all these hundreds of apps and tools…every year is not cost-effective.

    It’s a BIG “NO CAN DO” on Lion until they offer a Rosetta installed version. I don’t care about the OS being a big “Bloatey”

    I want my apps to work!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mikel Pr says:

    While displaperture does work, I’d like to see an update to it. I don’t like seeing the other spaces have edgy corners while switching, maybe add rounded corners to the screen that don’t move when switching spaces or something like that?

    also, the minimum allowed radious doesn’t match the radius used by fullscreen windows (they have a lower radius) it would be nice if it did, but also keep a mark to the current minimum radius since it seems that is the radius that used to be used by the operating system when it still had rounded corners

    btw: “Apple’s homepage and Mac OS X webpages refer to it as OS X Lion, without the “Mac”,[3] although Apple’s press release for Lion’s July release mainly uses “Mac OS X Lion” rather than “OS X Lion”.[1]” (yes that’s obviously from wikipedia)

  6. Geoffrey Joe says:

    Does not work with OSX LionTotal Finder! http://totalfinder.binaryage.com/

    Worked on Snow Leopard… :(

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      Could you specify which app you’re talking about? I’m guessing Moom or Witch. For Moom, mouse mode works fine in Lion, but keyboard mode does not. To fix it, the TotalFinder author needs to make some change in his code, and he’s committed to doing so in a future release. For Witch, TotalFinder has a number of glitches in 10.7 (as described by the author), and we’re hoping that as he makes fixes to those items, the double window issue in Witch for TotalFinder windows goes away.

      TotalFinder does a lot of window trickery to fake tabs in Finder, and it will always be complicated for us to perfectly support. So don’t be surprised if support comes and goes as all of the involved apps are updated.


  7. My 2011 MacBook Pro with Lion clearly shows both accelerated video rendering and decoding using the version of Safari shipped with Lion and the most recent version of Flash (which was still installed for 64-bit Safari even after upgrading to Lion). Just because someone you know reported it doesn’t work for them does not mean Apple intentionally messed it up to spite Adobe.

  8. marko says:

    Hi rob,

    In the Mission Control System Preferences I have got:
    – checked: Show Dashboard as a space
    – unchecked: Automatically rearrange spaces based on most recent use
    – checked: When switching to an application, switch to a space with open windows for the application

    I also tried “all screens” as well as “primary screens” in Displaperture, without any change: the round corners are only on the space in which the Displaperture window is.

    Also just tried: Started Displaperture in my first space, fired Mission Control and moved the Displaperture window to the second space, changed the setting of a corner in the Displaperture window. Result: Only the second space has the round corner as configured, the first space has no round corners at all anymore. So for me Displaperture really only affects the present space, not the space it was started on.

    If you have any other ideas how I could help you find the problem, I’d be glad to assist you.

  9. Rob Griffiths says:

    Marko: Stupid question, but are you running the latest Displaperture? I have now set my system up identically to yours, and I still get rounded corners on all spaces.


  10. marko says:


    I am very very sorry for wasting your time. Yes, I was actually still running Displaperture 1.2.0 and did miss that this wasn’t the latest version anymore. Maybe I am spoiled by all those Applications, that report “There is a new version of me”.

    Sorry again and thanks for your effort.


  11. Pietro says:

    For those of you having problems with Displaperture: it’s a misunderstaning between app and the new Spaces: bring the app on your dock by draggin it from the Applications folder and set the option “assign to -> all desktops”

  12. Ric Zito says:

    Moom 2.2 bug on Lion.

    Hi guys – delighted with Moom generally, but since upgrading to Lion, and updating Moom to 2.2 (2085), I run into a bug pretty regularly : after a restart, or on startup, often Moom just doesn’t work – either on rollover of the zoom widget, or via my keyboard shortcut. It’s definitely open (I can see the menubar extra), but nothing seems to invoke it until I open the Settings from the Menubar extra. As soon as the settings window is open, Moom comes alive, even if I don’t touch anything in the settings. Just the window being open is enough, apparently.

    Also, I have had Moom crash occasionally, leaving the dark overlay and the bezel stuck on screen. These crashes are less frequent – I think I’ve seen two, and I can’t remember what caused them. Possibly my going too fast with the keyboard shortcut. FYI : I use “Control-M” to invoke Moom, arrow keys to send windows to/from my second screen, and spacebar to fully centre the window.

    I’m not overly concerned : Lion is brand new, and it will take a little while to iron out the glitches. :-)
    all the best,

    Ric Zito

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      Can you look in Console, and then in the Crash Reporter folder to find any crash logs for Moom? If you find some, please email them to me — my email address is simply my first name, at our domain name. As for the ‘occasionally unresponsive’ issue, we’ll see what we can figure out.


  13. Stephen Howells says:

    I too experience the issue with Moom becoming unresponsive in Lion after every reboot. I can see it open in the menu bar but it doesn’t work until I open the settings pane. After closing the settings Moom functions as normal.

  14. Stephen Howells says:

    I should add that I am running Moom version 2.2 (2085)

  15. Anonymous Coward says:

    You guys have had HOW LONG to prepare for the Lion release, and still haven’t got things finished?

    Poor form, poor form.

    It makes me ashamed to have given you my money, when Leech rules are STILL broken (on clean and fully updated installs, mind you!) and you guys have no motivation to fix the problem, yet you have previously admitted it exists.

    Again, poor form.

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      Sorry you’re disappointed. You could always ask for a refund – we’re very good about such things. We’re working on it, but it’s not just Lion — it’s Safari 5.1, which hasn’t been around all that long. And it’s not us that changed things, but Apple — who totally changed the way Safari does downloads.

      I’m not going to make any apologies here: we’re doing our very best to resolve all Lion issues, and will continue to do so until we either admit we can’t, or get them fixed. If that’s not good enough for you, then please, request a refund as we’d rather not have you as a customer.


  16. Shawn Hank says:

    Hi, I have Witch 3.7, and did a clean install of Lion on my MBP 13 inch. I have installed Witch, and then added my license. After configuring the CMD-Tab and Shift-CMD-Tab combinations, and trying them out, I get the standard switching features of the OS and not Witch’s cool stylings.

    I am not sure if I need to go in and change a setting in System Preferences. Any suggestions?


    • Rob Griffiths says:

      It should just work – it works fine here on my 10.7 machine using Witch 3.7 and Command-Tab. Can you please open a trouble ticket on our support site so we can figure out what’s going on?


  17. Ellen Herzfeld says:

    I just purchased Witch and find it works fine on OS X Lion except for the problem with TotalFinder and one other thing. There is a badge at the bottom left corner of the application icon which I understand is supposed to show the number of the desktop where the window is. This number is sometimes correct but ofter wrong. I can understand the problem for apps that show up on all desktops (here it is the Finder), but the others are wrong too. For instance, iTunes is always only on Desktop 6 but Witch shows a “2”.

  18. tmc says:

    I just installed the update to OS X Lion that Apple pushed out, that is I’m now running 10.7.1. With it, I can’t get Which vers 3.7 to recognize COMMAND-TAB any more. Instead (sadly) it goes back to the normal OS X useless app switcher. Are you aware of this problem?

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      It’s working fine here in 10.7.1 with Command-Tab. Try quitting Witch, restarting your Mac, then assigning Command-Tab.


  19. Rhywun says:

    Re: Moom, v2.2 on 10.7.1

    Works fine here, except the size I choose for Mail won’t stick if I close the window. Apple seems to have its own ideas how big the Mail window should be. Not sure if it’s a Moom or Mail issue.

  20. Nim says:

    I have had the same problems as Ric Zito.

    Moom just won’t invoke after a restart. Sometimes it crashes altogether and i have to open the app manually to make it work.

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      Can you make sure that Moom is _not_ set to Hide in your user’s Login Items? I’m almost positive that’s what’s causing this problem.


  21. guerom00 says:

    Witch is flaky for me on 10.7.1 though…
    It usually does not show the apps which are full screen. After going to the Space where this app is (which was not showing up), it shows up in witch. Some time after that, it can once again disappear…

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      Full-screen apps are basically just like small Spaces of their own — and unfortunately, Apple doesn’t have a public method we can use to look across all Spaces and list their open windows. This is the same as it was in 10.6 — you have to first visit the Space (or full-screen app) then activate Witch on that screen. As for windows vanishing again, we’d love some help pinning down if there are any events that seem to cause this problem. We’ve seen it ourselves, but not predictably repeatable, which makes it tough to debug.