Announcing the Usher limited public beta

What is Usher, you may be wondering? Usher is the new name for yFlicks. The name yFlicks never really captured the real mission of the application; we think Usher is a much better fit: Usher is your personal movie assistant.

There are a ton of new and/or improved features in this update to yFlicks, which is why we’ve also chosen to reset the version counter: this release will be Usher 1.0 to reflect the scale of the changes. Due to the sheer number of changes, there are also probably some 1.0-type issues in Usher…and that’s why we’re releasing it now as a limited public beta. We’re looking for people who are willing to really help us test Usher and find all those little glitches–so we can remove them before we ship Usher.

We’re looking for 25 to 30 testers for Usher’s limited public beta, but we’re interested in people who can really help stress test Usher. To that end, we’re looking for people who meet at least one of these three criteria:

  1. Existing yFlicks users with between 1 and 3,000 movies in their collection.
  2. Existing yFlicks users with over 3,000 movies in their collection.
  3. Non yFlicks users who are looking for a tool to help them manage their collections.

If you’d like to participate in this public beta, please send me an email, with the subject set to Usher beta. Important: In the body of the message, please let me know which of the above groups you fall into, and include the (approximate) number of movies in your collection. If you’re selected for the beta, you will receive a copy of Usher to test, along with further instructions on how to go about helping us test Usher.

As an incentive to help test, the top three testers–based on reporting the most (confirmed) issues–will receive a free license for all of Many Tricks’ products. So what are you waiting for…drop me an email and get your name in the hat for one of the limited testing spots!

7 Responses to “Announcing the Usher limited public beta”

  1. Marius says:

    Happy to see that yFlicks lives on :) Wondering if there will be a upgrade path for existing yFlicks users?

    • Rob Griffiths says:

      Yes, we’ll have an upgrade path for existing users. As with our prior upgrades, the upgrade cost will be fair and reasonable.


  2. Tom says:

    Can’t wait to see it come alive. After yFlicks broke down I’ve just organized ’em all in the Finder.

    In Leo and Snow Leo this is way better than before, but it still has too many shortcomings. But if this is almost a rewrite then Peter will have to do a LOT of work because he has accustomed all the user base to high standards with his apps ;-) Does he sleep at all? Tell him to take a nap and hug his spouse every now and then, will you? Excited as I am about this news and eager as I am to use Usher, I can still wait a week more or three.

    Cheers, Tom

  3. Peter Maurer says:

    Mission accomplished: I hugged her. ;)

  4. Tom says:

    ;-) Cool! Good to see you’re alive and kickin’.

  5. Neal says:

    It breathes!?

    That’s a relief to know. My licence wont go to waste.

  6. Mauro says:

    Release it pls!!!

    Cool u still alive