It’s Touch-up Tuesday

Normally we have Minor Update Mondays around these parts, but hey, delays are unavoidable at times—so welcome to our first Touch-up Tuesday instead!

The highlights of today’s updates include (but check out the release notes page for each app for the full story)…

  • Leech 2.0.6’s browser plug-in now works with the WebKit Nightly Builds.
  • Name Mangler 2.2.3 adds the ability to prepend (as well as the existing append) a file name when numbering sequentially or using a terms list.

    A creative solutionIt also includes a new “Replace All” setting in a confirmation dialog; this new feature owes its existence to user Mike B., who requested it and demonstrated its need by including the image seen at right.

    Yes, that’s a small heavy bottle resting on the Return key, so that it can be automatically pressed to dismiss the dialog every time it appears! Time to retire the bottle, Mike.

  • Witch 3.5.5, which includes some performance improvements and a fix to make it work much better with the new App Tamer from St. Clair Software.
  • Taking a cue from Leech, Safari Guardian also now works with the WebKit Nightly Builds.

In addition to the above, we’re still hard at work on both Usher and our new time-tracking app; stay tuned for news on both fronts in the near future…and yes, work continues on Butler 5 as well!

3 Responses to “It’s Touch-up Tuesday”

  1. Tom says:

    Thank you, sir, updates done, everything working within normal parameters :-)

    Greetz, Tom

  2. just-a-q says:

    Is it possible to buy Name Mangler by, you know, credit card?