Configuration Items

The following items may be part of your configuration. This list is structured to resemble the [+] pop-up menu you use for adding items to your configuration.


First and foremost, containers are Butler's way of grouping items, which makes them appear quite similar to the file system's folders/directories. However, containers also let you ...


Use these to launch applications/open files and folders. "File" items are generated whenever you drag files from the Finder to Butler's configuration.


Use these to manage and access your bookmarks with Butler. "Site" items are generated whenever you drag a URL from your browser to Butler's configuration.


Put a "Separator" item in a container to have a menu separator appear in the corresponding menu.


The content of "Comment" items will be displayed as non-selectable items in menus. They don't have any other purpose.

Smart Items

These items represent non-trivial functionality in Butler, i.e., things that are not related to simply launching a file or accessing a URL. The following Smart Items are currently available:


Depending on whether you have installed any plug-ins for Butler, instances of those may be added to your configuration.


Obviously, "Control" items are for controling your Butler. Here's what they do: