Displaperture 2.0 released

December 10th, 2020 by Rob Griffiths

Given the newfound popularity of rounded corners in Big Sur, we’ve spent a bit of time spiffing up our nostalgic Displaperture, which lets you round the corners of your display by amounts ranging from subtle to ridiculous.

(Even when using a ridiculous amount of rounding, you can click the items in the rounded area…you just can’t see them. Ridiculous amounts of rounding should probably be used only for entertainment purposes.)

For those who remember them, rounded corners were a “benefit” of CRT displays. Now, they’re back for stylistic reasons, and Displaperture has you covered! Check out the release notes page for all the goodies in 2.0, but it’s not an extensive list. The big news is that it’s now a Universal app for both Intel and M1 Macs, and that it has a built-in software update mechanism.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: Not only is it still free, but there’s a also a brand-new App Store version as well.

For those who haven’t used the app before, here’s an important heads up: It’s a totally faceless app. The only time you see its interface is after launching it—there’s no Dock or menu bar icon. So how do you change your settings, or quit the app? It may seem odd, but you do so by launching it again—this will redisplay the interface, so you can change settings or click the Quit button.

Moom 3.2.20 charts a universal path forward

November 30th, 2020 by Rob Griffiths

Moom 3.2.20 is out, and as given away by the headline, it’s our first universal app: It runs native code on both M1 ARM Macs and Intel Macs…

And now that we’ve got one under our belt, more will follow in the future. But back to Moom…

Also in this release are additional changes to the UI to better fit with macOS 11’s new look, a fix for a visual glitch that only appears in macOS 10.13 and earlier, and Moom now properly remembers its location in the menu bar between relaunches.

As usual, direct customers can update via the in-app updater or by downloading a fresh copy from the Moom web page. App Store customers should see the update in the App Store app—if not now then very shortly.

Usher 2 beta 4574 released

November 30th, 2020 by Rob Griffiths

Usher 2 beta 4574 is out, and the biggest change—at least for users of Apple silicon Macs—is that it’s now a Universal app that runs natively on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

This release adds a news feature that makes it easy to change the spacing between thumbnails by Shift-dragging on the image size slider. We’ve made lots of other improvements, too, as you can see in the release notes.

You can update to the newest Usher via the in-app updater, or by downloading a new copy of the app from our site.

Key Codes 2.2 released

November 30th, 2020 by Rob Griffiths

Key Codes 2.2 is out, and it’s now a Universal app that runs natively on both Intel and Apple silicon Macs. We’ve also improved its support for Dark Mode.

Direct users can update via the in-app updater, or by downloading a new copy of the app from our site. App Store users will see the update in the App Store app, either now or very shortly.

Moom 3.2.19 released

November 21st, 2020 by Rob Griffiths

Moom 3.2.19 is out, and it will be of great interest to Big Sur users. We’d had a few scattered reports of Moom working inconsistently in Big Sur, but we couldn’t figure out the problem.

But on Twitter, user Wil L. pointed us to Notifications as the culprit: When a notification was onscreen, Moom would only work for windows at the top of the screen. Thanks to Wil’s detective work, we’ve resolved that problem.

We also optimized some code that handles the Custom section of Moom’s preferences—this should eliminate the delays that some users were reporting when opening and working in the Custom tab.

Finally, we fixed a few little Big Sur layout issues, and as is “the way” in Big Sur, our preferences panel’s toolbar icons are now center-aligned. If you prefer left-aligned icons in the toolbar, you can easily modify the layout.

Direct users can get the update via the in-app udpater, or by downloading a fresh copy from the Moom page of our site. App Store users should see the update in the App Store app—if not now, then shortly.

Witch 4.3.6 released

November 18th, 2020 by Rob Griffiths

Witch 4.3.6 is out today, and the big change is that it properly ignores windows in Big Sur that aren’t really windows—so you won’t see any more entries for Item-0 or Control Center.

Note: If you used the workaround from our Big Sur compatibility report, you can remove those entries from the Advanced pane after updating.

There are a couple other minor changes you can read about on the Witch release notes page, but the Big Sur fix is the main change.

Updates available within the app, or by downloading a new copy of the preference pane from the Witch page.

Keymou 1.2.8 released with Dark Mode support

November 12th, 2020 by Rob Griffiths

How long had it been since we last updated Keymou before yesterday’s 1.2.7 release? So long that in the interim, Dark Mode had become a thing, and we forgot to flip the switch to enable Dark Mode support. So say hello to Keymou 1.2.8, where the only change is that it now works properly in Dark Mode.

As usual, direct customers can update from within the app (or by downloading a fresh copy). App Store customers can find the update in the App Store app.

Our Big Sur app compatibility report

November 11th, 2020 by Rob Griffiths

With Big Sur’s release, here’s an update on our apps’ compatibility…

All of our apps run in Big Sur, and almost all of them run 100% perfectly.

We’ve tested them all many times, and they all seem to be working as we’d expect them to, with one minor exception (and a “check your version” warning about one of our baubleries). We also have a general heads-up on a permissions request you may or may not see from some of our apps.

Although we’ve tested extensively, some of our apps have lots of features and can be used in many different ways, and we probably didn’t test all of those cases—many of you seem to find ways to use our apps that we never anticipated! So if you do find something that’s not working right in Big Sur, please let us know by opening a support ticket.

Permissions request

In our testing with Big Sur’s release candidate, we were surprised to find that some of our apps ask for permission to write to the Documents and/or Desktop folders. We’ll be completely honest here and say that we have no idea why this is happening. We have some guesses, but they’re just guesses at this point.

This issue did not appear in any of the prior betas (nor did it happen with every app), so we just discovered it yesterday when we installed the final version. As a general rule, our apps—unless you’re doing something that explicitly uses one of those folders, like saving Leech downloads to your Desktop—do not write to those locations.

We’re trying to get an answer as to why this dialog is appearing, but until we do, you can safely say “Yes” when macOS asks if it’s OK to use those folders—becausedo we’re not using them.

App-specific items

Displaperture: Please update to the current version (1.5.2) of Displaperture before you try using it in Big Sur. There’s no in-app updater, so you’ll have to download the new version from our site.

If you launch an older version, you may find yourself staring at a blank whiteish screen with rounded corners, and nothing else on it at all. Unfortunately, this screen sits above everything, including the Force Quit dialog. If you have remote login enabled and access to another Mac, you can connect and kill the Displaperture process, but if you don’t…well, the only way out is a forced reboot.

So please, make sure your copy of Displaperture is up to date before you launch it.

Witch: As a general statement, Witch is working fine. However, you will notice at least a few additional windows, mainly related to things in the menu bar. We’re working to get rid of these spurious entries, but for now, here’s the best workaround…

On the Advanced tab in Witch’s preferences, in the Do not list apps text box, enter this:

Control Center, SystemUIServer

If you have existing entries there, put a comma at the end and add the two new entries. Next, in the Do not list windows, enter this:


Again, if you have existing entries, add a comma then that text.

These two changes should make Witch look mostly as it did in pre-Big Sur systems.

We’re working on the Witch issues, and we’ll keep you updated on our progress.

Again, if you notice anything askew in Big Sur, please do open a support ticket and let us know.

Keymou 1.2.7 released

November 11th, 2020 by Rob Griffiths

Keymou 1.2.7 is out, with one fix: Move by Division should now work properly on all Macs running 10.14.6 and newer. Previously, it would fail on some Macs in some conditions.

Direct customers will see the app update in the app, or they can download a new version from our site. App Store customers may have to wait a bit—we’ve submitted the app for review, and will release it as soon as Apple approves it.

Moom 3.2.18 released

November 11th, 2020 by Rob Griffiths

Moom 3.2.18 is out. This is a minor bug fix release that addresses a very rare one-point alignment issue, plus a few other behind-the-scenes fixes (that’s about all it says on the release notes page, too).

As usual, direct purchasers can update from the app itself or by downloading a fresh copy of the app from our site. App Store users should see the update in the App Store app—if not now, then very shortly.